WC 2016 in Denmark

Our team members are:

Sverrir Gunnlaugsson – Pilot / Team manager
Sverrir has been in involved RC since the 1990’s. He started flying gliders around turn of the century and entered his first nationals in 2000.
Guðjón Halldórsson – Pilot
Guðjón started out back in the 1980’s and has previously taken part in the Viking Race events. His last VR competition was in 2004 in Kap Arkona, Germany.
Árni Finnbogason – Helper
Árni is relatively new comer to the sport but has been very active since day one. His speciality is search and rescue and he has found quite a few wayward models for club members back home. Hopefully we won’t need to rely on his SAR expertise!
Eysteinn H. Sigursteinsson – Helper
Eysteinn started in the 1990’s and after a short break came back quicker than ever. Lately he has been seen filming RC models with his Phantom.
Magnús Kristinsson – Helper
Magnús first foray into RC was in the 1970’s and he hasn’t turned back since then. Multimedia is his thing and he can often be seen with at least two video cameras running. He also handles the teams security so being a master chef he’s quite handy with the knives.
Steinþór Agnarsson – Helper
When Steinþór was starting out in the 1980’s his first plane was a 2 channel glider. Even though he has a 210cc gasoline gussler in his fleet, gliders are his main passion.