WC 2018 in Germany

Our team members are:

Sverrir Gunnlaugsson – Pilot / Team manager
Sverrir has been in involved RC since the 1990’s. He started flying gliders around turn of the century and entered his first nationals in 2000. Sverrir took part in WC 2016.
Guðjón Halldórsson – Pilot
Guðjón started out back in the 1980’s and has previously taken part in the Viking Race events. His last VR competition was in 2004 in Kap Arkona, Germany. Guðjón took part in WC 2016.
Erlingur Erlingsson – Pilot
Erlingur has been flying gliders for many years and is still going strong! PIII from RcRCM is his prefered plane at the moment but rumour has it a new plane might be arriving shortly. Erlingur last competed abroad in the early part of the eighties and is excited to go back into the heat.

F3F HM 2018 í Rugen