Saturday was a great day

Saturday started out with the wind coming in steady from the west at about 5 m/s directly on to the west face of Draugahlíðar. At the 10:00 pilot briefing it was announced that we’d start around 11:00 or as soon as the few raindrops cleared up. They did just before 11 so off we went and as there were only 8 pilots registered the pace was quick and we managed just over three rounds per hour, with short breaks every five rounds.

As the day progressed we started to see blue skies and the sun came to look at what we were doing and also we started to see some thermals come by. The best time of the competition was 39,56 seconds by Mark Treble in round 11, closely followed by Siegfried Schedel at 39,92 seconds in round 12. We also saw quite a lot of times in the 40’s as they lift was quite good.

The last round was finished around 17:15 and we headed home to calculate the scores, change clothes and then we went to Guðjóns home for a nice three course meal and the award ceremony. The results were as follows:

  1. Siegfried Schedel
  2. John Phillips
  3. Armin Hortzitz
  4. Mark Treble
  5. Sverrir Gunnlaugsson
  6. John Treble
  7. Erlingur Erlingsson
  8. Guðjón Halldórsson